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Second Week of February

The Pattern

In the image of his own body, male and female, created he them, and blessed them,
and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created and became living souls in the land upon the footstool of God.

Moses 6:9

The Three Pillars of the Gospel create the framework that encompasses all truth. In this article we will use numbers to illustrate the sacred pattern that ascribes the Three Pillars.

Over the last two years, since we started Truth Against Error, we have been gathering hundreds of pages of notes and information from a variety of sources and disciplines, attempting to extrapolate the information that will best relate the sacred pattern of the Three Pillars of the Gospel. Among the disciplines we have been studying are:

  • Zero-point energy
  • Quantum mechanics
  • Geometry
  • Ancient architecture
  • Astronomy
  • Maya studies
  • Many other ancient mythologies

and as always

  • Egyptology and
  • Dr. Hugh Nibley’s writings

The eternal pattern that we will discuss in this article is witnessed to in every area of study and we wanted to support our assertions with this abundant proof. However, with time came the realization that it is not our job to prove to our reader the truth of our assertions. We would lose most of our readers if we presented articles on one topic that was 200-pages long. Each person needs to ponder these things and measure them by the scriptures, our first and favorite source. Also, to follow our train of thought, it is important to read the previous articles that build upon each other.

In addition, tying up every loose end is not wise since many aspects of this topic are too sacred to go into detail about, not to mention the fact that we are still untying knots ourselves and have thousands of years of more study before we fully comprehend these things. We suggest that our readers plough through the parts that are difficult to understand and simply try and get a sense of the over-all pattern. In the following articles, we will be breaking down the pattern for a more careful analysis.

History of Numbers

The Arabic number system that spread across Europe and is the basis of our current system, actually originated in India. The Brahmi numeral system began in the 3rd century BC., then spread to India and Europe, etc.


In the middle ages, some Arab and European scholars studied the origin of the numeral system and determined that the Brahmi system stemmed from a deep understanding of astronomy and the opening of the universe.

As discussed in several past articles, Enoch and Abraham, among others, saw truth, history and the future written in the stars. They were purported to be mathematical geniuses and superb astronomers. We suppose that these truths were scattered throughout various parts of the world. As Nibley so commonly said, everything stems from the temple and as he showed in his great book, Temple and Cosmos, the temple and astronomy are basically one and the same.

Numerals of the East Arabs


Numerals of Maximus Planudes.


From the Mirror of the World, printed by Caxton, 1480


From the Bamberg Arithmetic by Wagner, 1488.


From De Arts Supp- urtandi by Tonstall, 1522



An Overview of the Pattern

A bird’s eye view will make it easier to grasp the pattern when we break down each number more carefully in each succeeding article as we look at the lives of Abraham and the Israelites. In studying the pattern, it helps to realize that it falls very neatly within the Three Pillars of the Gospel; the creation, the fall, and the atonement.

The number 1 is the staff of authority and represents the Father. The number 2 represents Heavenly Mother, or a creation force that brings forth the number 3 that is the Son or the office of First Man. He is clothed in truth and light and is the top of the triangle. The number 4 is the foundation stretched out down here in the fallen world of mortality. The number 5 is circling the square of four which means that through sacrifice, man is put in motion through the redemptive process to qualify for the presence of God. The number 6 is a sanctified man planted in to the ground to see if his heart is pure; a good seed that will sprout and grow and produce good fruit. The number 7 is the sickle that will gather in the good fruit. The number 8 is the barn or the ark that will hold the good fruit as there is a separation of good and evil. The number 9 is a day of judgment, destruction for the wicked, the crowning ceremony for the sanctified that is carried aloft to the sacred mountain of the Lord. The number 10 is a separation of the crown from the staff, or the fruit from the tree to go into the wilderness and be planted in to stretch out the new creation and to be tried and tested. The number 11 is the establishment of the fruit as a staff of life. The number 12 is a purified staff bringing forth his bride, or an organization that will be true to God. The number 13 is the bringing forth of the King, or a Zion born of the Bride of Christ.

Following is a little more detail that will begin to flesh out the pattern.

The Sacred Triangle of Creation

10The number (1) was taught by the Egyptians to denote the staff of authority. The scepter of righteousness of the King is contained within the staff. In its original form, it is both masculine and feminine and holds all potential life.

As Moses opened the path through the Red Sea through the authority of his staff, so did the Father open a path through the primordial waters of chaos for His children to organize a new creation.


12The number (2) is the bride that steps from the side of her husband and curves into a spiral of energy necessary to bring about life. The feminine separates from the masculine as Eve stepped to the side of Adam. The bride spirals out of the foundation of the authority of God. The Arabic number that our modern 2 comes from shows the staff in repose, with part of a spiral curving up from the side of the staff.

The Pleiades, if set on a staff, would beautifully represent the number 2.


The number (3) is the child stepping from the side of the mother in repose, and also represents the urim and thummim clothing the physical being that was brought forth from spiritual parents. Clothed in a garment of light, this child represents the point at the top of the triangle. This triangle represents the bringing forth of creation. Physical man comes forth from the Holy Grail, the cup of Christ, born from the altar and the prayer circle.

Hopefully we can remember Dr. Nibley’s counsel that we must learn from the ancient Egyptians and not try to pin each role on a specific entity. Offices and titles are interchangeable and those who gain a number of thrones, crowns, and principalities, wear their different hats at different times, according to the required action needed. For instance, the first three numbers represent the sacred triangle, but whom are the points representing? In the beginning, before the creation of the physical universe, the number one would naturally represent Heavenly Father, the number two, Heavenly Mother, and number three, the firstborn Son, Jehovah. The next step would seem to be; the office of the Father, and the office of the Son, would bring forth the office of the Holy Ghost.

14The Book of Mormon often refers to Christ as the father of creation. He is not Heavenly Father so why does He receive the title of Father? Because He acted in that office in the act of creation, as assigned by His Father. So we could see the word ‘father’ representing the authorized organizer.

The organization of the twelve tribes, representing the original council in Heaven and was symbolically worn as a breastplate by Aaron and the sacred stone was placed within an inner pouch.

In the above example, the triangle for creation would be, Jehovah in the office of Father, the council in Heaven in the office of Mother. The office of ‘Mother’ that brings about birth, in this situation, would be the sacred unity of male priesthood authority, combined with female procreative potential. As the Bride of Christ, the Church of the Firstborn, this organization would bring about the energy of the prayer circle spiraling upward to deliver physical creation beginning with Adam, who in this instance would represent the number three. The sacred three also represents the compass, which draws the circle and the spiral and symbolizes all things spiritual in nature.

We know that Adam assisted Christ in the creation process, as did the council of Heaven.

Fallen Man

The number (4) represents stretching out the foundation stone in the physical creation to the four cardinal directions. It is the square which symbolizes all things material in nature. With the fall, the number four represents mortality and telestial, fallen 16creation that needs to be redeemed.

In sacred geometry, four is represented by a cross. The shape of the number points to the four cardinal directions, which are represented by the Four Sons of Horus in Facsimile 2. Brigham Young did a fine job of establishing the stakes of Zion.

With the fall into mortality, we experience a spiritual death, a separation from God. Eve, the evening star, falling into night is a visual representation of the fall. Bringing spirit children down here into mortality is squaring the circle. The square is feminine, the womb, the earth. To geometer-cosmologists, the circle stands for pure, unmanifest spirit-space. The square is the manifest and comprehensible world.

The Atonement

18The number (5) represents the circling of the square. Leonardo DiVinci’s work showing “man in motion” shows the five points, two arms, two legs, and the head. The man is put in motion by the circumambulation (circle motion) of the foundation of the number four (the square). Once the square foundation stone is stretched out and established through priesthood authority, the circle, or the spiral of energy that originates from the power of the Atonement is put in effect. The priesthood ordinances bring about spiritual rebirth through a series of steps that can bring fallen man back into the presence of the Father, overcoming spiritual death. Once the initiate completes this rebirth, he/she can be seen as good fruit born from the Tree of Life, or as the star born from the top of the Christmas Tree, the capstone of the pyramid ready to move forward as a ‘sent one’ ready to assist in the work of redemption.

20The number (6) represents the planting of the seed from the fruit that was picked, to see if it is a good seed and will bear fruit. Here is where the initiate must work to keep the eternal marriage covenant and grow together with his/her spouse. The good seed buried in the ground will sprout and grow.  This becomes a new spiritual center point, the two triangles placed together to represent the joining of the heavenly temple with the earthly temple. This also represents the union of husband and wife. It takes both for the tree to grow.

In sacred geometry, the number six is represented by the star of David, representing the King and his bride veiled within him.

The number (7) represents the completion of our work of gathering in the fruit (or the wheat from the tares) with the sickle, shaped like the number seven. The seven stars of the Big Dipper are created from the sacred three who guide the four cardinal directions to circle creation to gather in the fruit of their labors as ‘sent ones’. The covenants of the priesthood are like a sharp two-edged sword to cut the fruits away from the tree rooted in a fallen world. The parents present their children to the Lord for His approval.

22If the seed that was planted with the number six is good, the olives from the tree of life are gathered from the seven branches into the barns (number eight). This is one of the times of the harvest. The 70's are sent out by the Apostles (Sent Ones) to gather in those who will come. 

The seven also represents the compass, which completes the circle of creation of seven days. This completes the initiate’s progression of rebirth through the covenants and signals the beginning of the return to God. Now, in order to return to Heavenly Father, the husband and wife leave Babylon, cut ties with this world and set sail on the ship of Zion. They must work together and create an environment that will sustain life.

The fruits of the labor of the ‘sent ones’ must be protected from the coming winter storms by being gathered into the barn. The parable of the olive trees in Jacob 5 is a wonderful analogy of this process. That barn becomes an ark and is the number eight, and represents the joint effort of the husband and wife. The trunk of their tree of life is taken up and becomes a barge, an ark to take the initiates from Babylon.

The Booth

This is the symbol of infinity, the ogdoad, one of the numbers of creation. The number (8) is shaped like infinity. It is a stable, balanced unit that overcomes the effects of the fall and returns the fruits to God. It takes a man and a woman keeping the covenant of eternal marriage in order to enable the higher law of marriage to fulfill the eternal law of opposites, the balance of 24nature, that keeps all things in motion. It takes the place of the telestial form of balance, good verses evil.

The encircling arms of covenant parents around their fruit (children, animals, harvest) within the trunk of their tree of life creates an ark of protection from the storms of life. The judgments of God are coming, the winter storms will soon arrive. The harvest has been gathered in. This is when the Jews celebrate the Feast of the Tabernacles, creating a booth of protection, a miniature tree of life, a Garden of Eden to ride out the storm raging outside of their bubble of protection. There were eight individuals in Noah’s Ark. The eight Jaredite barges also come to mind.

From the waters of chaos, (The River Jordan) the reborn generation of the Children of Israel come forth, led by the ark of the covenant, into a land of promise and potentiality. The staff has progressed and taken on new dimensions that allow it, like the trunk of a tree, to enclose the initiates.

The number (9) represents the day of judgment and the crowning ceremony of the new king. Nine makes an ennead, which is 26an ogdoad of eight organized around the ninth who is rooted in to a higher spiritual level after being separated from the wicked by the flood. This is the birth of the Holy Ghost after the initiate is born from the water. Christ came up from the River Jordan, baptized by John, then a dove, representing the baptism of fire, or the Holy Ghost, descended upon Him. Returning to the example of Noah, he becomes a new Adam, king of the new world. The birds he sends out symbolize the separation that happens with the judgment. The raven leaves and does not return. The dove returns with the witness and covenant of the olive branch, the anointing oil for the crowning ceremony. The dove bears witness that Noah is an authorized and fruitful Tree of Life ready to be rooted in at the top of the mount Ararat there in the new world. His wife is the crown that will bring forth the jewels that represent new stars born from the tree.

Lehi and Sariah brought their children away from the threat of Babylon and across the waters of chaos. When they reached the promised land, the parents were rooted in through death. Shortly thereafter, their children separated as did the raven and the dove.

The number (10) represents the staff of authority of Noah’s Tree of Life, and the separation of the crown from the staff. The bride 28is born from the left side of the bridegroom as the new queen.

Ten can also represent the separation of the bride from the bridegroom. After Christ’s baptism of water and the Holy Ghost, He was driven into the wilderness by the Spirit for a time of fasting and testing. Ten is the numbering system for the camps of Israel while traveling in the wilderness and for war. Within Noah’s children were the seeds of a new creation, potential unrealized. They spread out and organized a new world.

Zero is the egg, the promise of all life. In the early Christian Church, we read in the Book of Revelation that the bride, representing the Church, was driven into the wilderness. This can be illustrated by many examples including Joseph, rooted in as the staff of authority as dispensation leader and the Church separating physically but not spiritually from him when fleeing into the wilderness to organize a new and sacred society.

The egg is a place holder in the number 10 and bears witness to the authority from which it was born. The redeemed will separate from Heavenly Father to begin their own creations but will always remain subject to Him and a part of His eternal kingdom, assisting in His work while furthering their own.

30The number (11) represents the queen, Zion, bringing forth her children into a state of redemption, qualified to receive their staff of authority. The son who received the rights of the firstborn is Shem. He receives a staff of authority like his father’s. Christ’s staff of authority was fully established in Jerusalem. Authority was reestablished in the later days and its ensign is found in the tops of the mountains in Utah. The priesthood authority of the Church stems from and is subject to the original.

32The number (12) represents the bride of Shem stepping from his side. Brides can either represent actual wives, or an organization that depicts the Church of the Firstborn, the Bride of Christ. Twelve represents the organization. Shem may have been renamed Melchezedik, or his near descendent was this great high priest. Either way, he represents the staff laid as a foundation and the bride spiraling from the staff to form a two. This represents the city that Melchezedik founded, Salem, the city of Peace. This sacred city was where Jerusalem now is and it was taken up to be with God as was the city of Enoch.

We are currently in the Maya calendar count Baktun twelve of the 26 thousand year cycle that ends on December 21, 2012. The sun is born from the central galactic bulge of the Milky Way to begin a new cycle. Thus, the number (13), is also the number one…a king for a new round.

Before the sacred Bride cities are taken aloft, they leave a representative behind that will be, or bring about the birth of the son who will take the title of firstborn and begin as a new Adam to organize a new dispensation. This is the number 13 which is the most sacred number to the ancient Mayans. Christ stood at the head of the twelve. The New Jerusalem will represent the number 12 and will be lifted aloft and will herald the Savior as He personally comes to earth to reign.

Thirteen represents chaos and this is the state of the world whenever 13 is brought forth and there is a separation of good and evil.

With the removal of the city of Enoch, chaos ensued but the means to bring about a new dispensation was left with Enoch’s son Methusaleh, the grandfather of Noah.  With the city of 34Salem, it was Abraham, who received the blessings and authority of the Fathers from the hand of Melchizedek. Abraham was spiritually rebirthed in that sacred place and was then left the lone authority in a wicked world to bring about the new dispensation.

Let’s touch once more upon numbers higher than single digits. The placeholder ‘1’ is crucial from ‘10’ on. It is the witness that what the heads of dispensations and those ordained by that head, are authorized by Heavenly Father’s staff of authority. Christ went through this redemptive process and became perfect as His Father in Heaven was perfect. Perfection in this sense means wholeness. He completed the process and He becomes the spiritual Father of those born through the power of His Atonement. Those heads of dispensations stand as a representative of Christ as a ‘sent one’, working in the office of apostleship, to use the same process to help bring to pass the eternal life of mankind. They do not usurp the place of Heavenly Father or His Son, they are a place holder for them through the authorization of the priesthood. This process is repeated in smaller circles down to heads of families. Beginning with the number 10, the process is all about unity beyond the husband and wife, the unity of the whole family and of the Church of the Firstborn. The At-One-Ment can bring us back to our place in the original council of Heaven, only on a higher level. This is the higher meaning of Israel reaching the Land of Promise, our places of inheritance.

Facsimile Two

Looking at both sides of the equation 3 x 4 is illuminating. First, let’s look at taking the number three, the triangle, created four times. Also, see the stretching out of the four cardinal directions on three different levels:

The Central Pillar, or the Tree of Life, is represented by figures 5, 1 and 2 of Facsimile Two. They represent many things including the Celestial, terrestrial, and telestial states of being. Each level is built upon a foundation. Figure 5 rests upon a foundation of four. Figure 1, the creation position, rests upon a foundation of eight. Figure 2, the internal governmental organization, rests upon a foundation of twelve. As far as the Tree of Life, the roots spread out as the foundation and stand for the number four. The trunk is the center and is the number eight, a unification point for male and female (Noah’s ark, barges of Jared). The branches are twelve.

The Four Sons of Horus, from Egyptology, represent the number four, and the cardinal directions. Four represents a flat plane that can be thought of as the foundation stone upon which we build our house, always orienting the structure toward God. Each Son of Horus, or each cardinal direction represent offices.

As each Son of Horus goes through the redemptive process, eternal marriage comes in to play. The number eight represents a doubling of the four in a sacred unity of marriage and with this number. With eight, we no longer have a flat plane but now we have an ark that can enclose the sacred process of rebirth and procreation. This is a place of protection from the elements and enemies.

Twelve represents the pyramid, the completion of the sacred triangle for each of the Four Sons of Horus, the ability to bring forth the top of the triangle, the office of Firstborn, or First Man. 35

When the four triangles are placed together with their tips creating a point, the pyramid is created. Then we are ready for the number thirteen, the offspring that is brought forth in rebirth from the central sarcophagus (altar) in the sacred, hidden spot of the pyramid. This represents the fifth sacred directional point, the center place. The four cardinal directions represent the four veils of the endowment. The fifth, the center spot, represents the second endowment.

Now a quick look at 4 x 3 shows the other aspect of the pattern. One through three brings forth the offspring that is hidden within the foundation of the number four. Five through seven brings forth the multiple offspring from one tree of life that is hidden within the ark of eight. The upper foundation, or capstone of the pyramid is created from the numbers nine through eleven which brings forth the crown and staff of authority for the new council of 12, united as one. It is from this sacred number 12 that the new sun (2012) arises,… King David, 13. Thus will Zion, the sacred mountain of the Lord, the city set on a hill, arise at the Second Coming.

Bringing Forth

To finish, we will lightly touch on a subject that Hugh Nibley referred to often in his writings. His many examples in history, but more often in legend of men marrying their daughters, but more especially, women marrying their sons is best understood by the term “bringing forth”. Adam brought forth Eve as through a door. Before that, Eve, as queen bee (organized hive of Deseret) of the council of creation, brought forth the “First Man” in some way we do not fully comprehend nor should publicly expound upon. After being placed in the Garden, he then brings her through the door, carrying her over the threshold, so to speak.

Each number proceeds from the previous numbers. It is “brought forth” through the birthing or rebirthing priesthood ordinances. The foundational offices of the number four bring fourth the number five, putting the man in motion to be saved from his fallen condition. The hearts of the children are turned to the fathers as the Four Sons of Horus establish the conditions to bring about the redemption of all whom Horus lays claim to in his name (as if you were Adam…). Christ is crucified in the place of Adam. The hearts of the fathers turn to the children as Adam brings forth his children and establishes them on their thrones. Adam is the king of earth under Christ. He is represented by Pharaoh in Facsimile 3, who, dressed as a woman to denote bringing forth, places upon the throne, one who has become his son through the rebirth process of the ordinances. As Nibley so often explains, at times one wears the female costume, at times the male, depending upon the step needed.

Yesterday, we finished the rough draft of this article and strangely enough, through a round about “coincidence”, I read Joseph Smith’s King Follet Discourse. Thinking that the previous idea of using the term “bringing forth” was an original one that helped elucidate the idea of birth and rebirth, I was surprised to read of Joseph Smith using the same term in the following paragraph. I especially appreciate this explaining the creation of the council of the gods since it helps to establish the pattern we have been discussing:

I shall comment on the very first Hebrew word in the Bible; I will make a comment on the very first sentence of the history of creation in the Bible—Berosheit. I want to analyze the word. Baith—in, by, through, and everything else. Roch—the head, Sheit—grammatical termination. When the inspired man wrote it, he did not put the baith there. An old Jew without any authority added the word; he thought it too bad to begin to talk about the head! It read first, "The head one of the Gods brought forth the Gods." That is the true meaning of the words. Baurau signifies to bring forth. If you do not believe it, you do not believe the learned man of God. Learned men can teach you no more than what I have told you. Thus the head God brought forth the Gods in the grand council.


Our study of the pattern will continue through the lives of Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac, and also Moses and the Children of Israel. To help further unveil the meaning of The Three Pillars of the Gospel, we will, in addition to other things, continue the study of numbers using Hebrew, the Zodiac, the Sefer Yetzirah, sacred geometry, and more.

One of the secrets we have every intention of giving away is the purpose of the great pyramids. I have taken a number of college courses that discuss pyramids in addition to reading many books on the subject and it never ceases to amaze me that the experts believe the ancient pharaohs were so narcissistic as to waste fortunes and enormous man power to spend years on a burial chamber that will benefit one person. The crux of the matter is that the pharaohs were seen by their people as mediators, authorized to order society, apply the saving ordinances, and bind together an organization that would last throughout eternity. The pyramid was the physical manifestation of the process of ascension that would benefit all who were subjects to Pharaoh. With time, the pattern was allowed to be adopted by court nobles, and eventually, with the advent of the coffin texts, we learn that each family could use these sacred ordinances to organize their own family domain; circles within circles.

Hopefully, with further explanation, the muddy waters will clear somewhat and the beauty of the Plan of Salvation will shine through.



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