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Part One: Truth vs. Error
Part Two: Ascending the Mountain
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Thanksgiving: Called to the Feast

Week One:
Part 1: Peter the Great Fisherman
Part 2: Pounding the Tent Stakes


Week Two:
Part 1: Into the Wilderness
Part 2: Out of the Wilderness

Week Three:
Part 1: When the Christmas Lights Go Out
Part 2: Winter Solstice and Saving Christmas
Week Four:
The Christmas Tree of Life
Week One: New Year and the Suffering King
Week Two: The Garden
Week Three: Rounds of Creation

Week Four:
The Plumed Serpent

Week One: Babel
Week Two: The Pattern
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The Abrahamic Covenant
Aaron and the Ark

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Guest Contributors

Melody Newey, Poet

Melody Newey lives and writes in Utah. Her work has appeared in Utah Sings, an anthology of Utah poets, and in collaborative art exhibits in the Salt Lake Arts Center and other venues in Salt Lake and Utah counties. She has read at Brigham Young University for Women's Studies symposia and at Utah Valley State College with student artists in "My Word". Her writing reflects her belief in the relationship between truth and brevity. She is the mother of three children, proud owner of two very old cats and earns a living as a registered nurse.

Justin Wathke, Photographer

Growing up in Chippewa Falls Wisconsin, Justin had frequent access to the natural beauty in the upper Midwest. As an active outdoorsman (snowboarding, camping, biking and hiking), he is able to see many of nature's wonders first hand. This has inspired him to obtain his images with the camera. He has been able to capture the essence of a place or situation, with just a few photographs. For samples of his photography, visit: www.digital-photography-tip.com/galleries or to email Justin: skibumlifestyle@yahoo.com




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