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Thanksgiving: Called to the Feast

Week One:
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Part 2: Pounding the Tent Stakes


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Part 2: Out of the Wilderness

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Part 1: When the Christmas Lights Go Out
Part 2: Winter Solstice and Saving Christmas
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The Christmas Tree of Life
Week One: New Year and the Suffering King
Week Two: The Garden
Week Three: Rounds of Creation

Week Four:
The Plumed Serpent

Week One: Babel
Week Two: The Pattern
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Welcome to Truth Against Error

The Purpose of This Website

This site offers LDS people a convenient opportunity to attend cyber "Fireside Chats" on topics such as: Ancient mythology and their hidden pieces of truth, traditions and their spiritual roots, temples as the first schools of learning with occasional analysis of some of the works of Hugh Nibley, astronomy, the significance of the year 2012, and the history and current dangers of mysticism. Our major text will be the scriptures, which will serve as a benchmark against which information from other sources can be measured.

Some people may wonder why we would look seriously at information from such unusual sources from which little truth may be gleaned. In his book "Temple and Cosmos" Hugh Nibley expresses the idea behind taking a look at the loose pieces of truth that can be garnered from many sources: "Since the beginning of the century, widespread comparative studies have shown the uniformity and antiquity of this institution [the temple] as well as its worldwide contamination and decay, so that not a single example remains in its purity, and yet by virtue of comparing hundreds of imperfect and fragmentary institutions, the original can be reconstructed with great confidence and clarity. (Hugh Nibley, Temple and Cosmos: 1992 p. 48.)

Our Poetry Editor, Sharon Price Anderson, is one who loves to dig nuggets of gold from comparative studies as she relates in the following poem:

Familiar Fragments

I circumambulate Stonehenge,
wander through ancient pueblos,
sift through Egyptian sands,
climb to the top of Borobodur.

I find a thin shaft of solstice,
images peeling ancient paint,
a statue missing a foot,
rocks with worn inscriptions-

curious fragments that I place
in a box labeled Other Evidence
and put on my temple shelf.

Sharon Price Anderson

With these chats we also hope to encourage each of us to become better temple-attending saints as we move further into the last days, a time when the world needs the stabilizing force that emanates from those sacred places. Our personal spiritual preparation, as we strive to stand in holy places is the purpose of this "Truth Against Error" website.

How to Begin

Please begin your studies by reading Part One and Part Two of the Introduction. This will give you an excellent foundation to prepare you for the additional topics that will be added. The Introduction explains the fact that there is a fascinating redemptive process whose ideas permeate the scriptures and are found in fragments throughout the world and in nature. The first article, "Called to the Feast" gives a general overview of that process. The following Fireside Chats will break down that progression into major components, and then eventually into smaller pieces. If we seem to be a little vague at times it is because some information is so sacred that we feel it is only appropriate to hint at what conclusions can be drawn. Although the articles will not often draw the conclusion, we hope the reader will understand that all arrows point to the temple and He whom it represents.

Disclaimer Plus

We want to assure our readers that we are staunch Latter-Day Saints in good standing, who believe in following the prophet. Also, it should be clear that the views expressed on this website are not endorsed by the church. While some members tend to feel we should not do anything unless under the direction of church authority, we believe the words of the Lord in Doctrine and Covenants 58: 20; " Verily I say, men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause, and do many things of their own free will, and bring to pass much righteousness. "

We will not share ideas that we feel contradict the scriptures or the teachings of the prophets. As Dr. Nibley so aptly taught, when firmly grounded in Gospel truths, we can learn valuable things from other cultures that have common roots. Through the years, we have noticed that an idea that is treated as strange is looked upon very differently when the listener learns it came from Dr. Nibley. We recommend reading his books to get a solid grounding to the topics we will introduce. "Abraham in Egypt" and " Temple and Cosmos" would be our first recommendations. In Tennessee years ago, at a tri-stake conference we attended, President Monson said, "I hope you are all studying your Nibley. I am." That does not mean that we haven't struggled with some of the strange ideas he has put forth, but with time and patience, those things we took exception to have been made clear through study and prayer. He was not perfect and made mistakes, but the underlying focus of his writings were temple-oriented and very valuable.

Our rule of thumb is, if a new idea presents itself, we set it on a shelf in our minds and take as long as is necessary to test it against the scripture. Over time some get thrown out and others slip neatly into their place. We recommend our reader do the same. Hopefully, you will give place for these seeds to be planted and see if they grow. Good luck in your studies. Be patient, for new ideas require time and study to be fully understood. Oh, and one final word. Contents not recommended for Sunday School consumption. Could cause indigestion or heart palpitations!

In all seriousness, it would be extremely difficult to put forth the ideas from these articles succinctly enough so that a Sunday school class would comprehend them.

Thank you very much for your interest in our site. We have done our best to ensure each article is thoroughly proofread, but occasionally typographical errors may slip by and will be corrected as needed. If you have any questions or comments, please send an e-mail to: info@truthagainsterror.com. We look forward to hearing from you!




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