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Because we believe that the Spirit can speak in many different ways, we want to provide a venue for artists to share their talents. We are now accepting submissions for: original poetry, inspirational stories, art work, photography, original vocal music, and instrumental music to be used in our monthly online magazine, "Truth in Art." Please note that occasionally a submission which relates to a particular Fireside Chat article may be chosen to appear with that article, rather than in the online magazine.

Although we may have sponsors in the future, this whole effort is strictly volunteer right now, and we are not able to reimburse contributors at this time. However, if your work is accepted, we do want to post information about you, including links to any web site(s) you may have, on the magazine’s guest contributor page.

If you would like to submit your work for consideration, please follow the general and specific guidelines listed below.

General Guidelines

1) Take some time to read our home page and some of the articles, including Introduction One and Two, so you have an idea of what we are trying to accomplish and how we are going about it. All of the work should reflect the general idea found in the Three Pillars of the Gospel (the Creation, Fall, and Atonement) which are the basis of the concepts found in the Fireside Chats.

2) Keep in mind what Elder Neal A. Maxwell said about creativity:

When by wise self-management we are creative, then we mortals taste what Pascal called "the dignity of causality," the capacity to cause that which had not existed in quite that way before! Something pertaining to truth and beauty occurs that would not have happened quite that way without us!. . .

True creativity, as it reflects our capacity to see or to produce something in a new way, represents a restructuring that carries our individual imprint and uniqueness. Such can be equally true of the inventor and the painter, of the pianist as well as the poet.

Thus creativity involves both a process and a result. It springs out of our seeing possibilities that we have not seen before and out of seeing connections between patches of truth and beauty and responding to them in ways we have not done before. Feelings that lead to poetry, mental imagery that leads to painting, and pondering that gives birth to prose are but examples. . .

Since all truth comes from God, when we celebrate truth in creative breakthroughs, whether in new understanding of molecular structure or in the beauty of new sculpture or a new painting or new poetry, we are acknowledging the resplendent order in God's universe. . .

Creativity permits us to see the wondrous order of things, their infinite beauty, their scope, but also their incredible detail. To use the words of Moses, we then see and feel things which we "never had supposed" (Moses 1:10).

(You may wish to read the entire article called Creativity which appeared in the New Era, August 1982, p. 4-7. You can access this article by going to the church website www.lds.org and doing a search in the gospel library archive for creativity maxwell 1982).

3) Submit only your own, original work, the use of which will not infringe the rights of any other person or entity.

4) We only accept electronic submissions. Email your poetry submission to poetry@truthagainsterror.com. Send all other submissions to info@truthagainsterror.com . In the subject line write "Submission" followed by the type of work you are submitting. For example, "Submission—Article" or "Submission—Photo."

5) Understand that by submitting your work, you give us permission to post/publish it, if it is selected, on the Truth in Art or the Truth Against Error website; you will, however, remain the owner of the copyrights.

6) If you would like, you may give us some background information about your submission, for example let us know what inspired your work or share an anecdote.

7) If your work has previously been published or has won any awards or special recognition, please supply the details so we may include this information.

8) So our readers can get to know you and find out about what you do, personally and professionally, give us some information (50-100 words) for our contributor page. If you would like, please include your own website addresses and other contact information.

Poetry Guidelines

1) We are looking for poetry that, as Neal Maxwell said, "reflects our capacity to see or to produce something in a new way, represents a restructuring that carries our individual imprint and uniqueness ... (and) springs out of our seeing possibilities that we have not seen before and out of seeing connections between patches of truth and beauty and responding to them in ways we have not done before."

2) Generally, poems should be 30 lines or less. We will rarely use poetry that follows a regular metrical or rhyming pattern, unless it follows an established form such as a hymn, sonnet, or villanelle. (If your poem rhymes, please state which form you are using.)

3). Please email one to three poems to: poetry@truthagainsterror.com. In the subject line put "Submission—Poetry." If you want your poem to be considered for inclusion with a Fireside Chat, look at the proposed schedule of upcoming fireside topics listed on the home page, and then tell us, in the body of the email, which specific week or topic you think will be the best "fit" for your poem.

4) Deadlines: If you are interested in submitting work for consideration in the Fireside Chat, submit your work two to four weeks before the beginning of the month in which a particular topic is scheduled. Even if your poem is not chosen for the Fireside article, it will be considered for the magazine.

Inspirational Writing Guidelines

Submissions should not be more than 2,500 words. Personal spiritual experiences and dreams will have little chance of publication. Messages, experiences and/or stories of hope, encouragement, and overcoming obstacles interest us most. The February and March sample magazines will give an idea of what we are looking for.

Instrumental Music Guidelines

Inspirational music may be recorded by an individual or a group. This music will automatically play when the magazine is opened by the reader. The accompaniment of uplifting song will add a great deal to the enjoyment of the other arts.

Original Vocal Music Guidelines

We are looking for songs that uplift and inspire the listener. It does not matter if it is solo or a group. Background music is usually helpful but not necessary. Your song will need to be recorded and uploaded to the magazine.

Photographic and Art Guidelines

Visual images add an important dimension to our magazine. When you email us a copy of your submission, please give details about the original work, including title, size and medium used. If you would like, you may give technical information about your photograph.

If you have questions regarding the submission process, you may email us at info@truthagainsterror.com. Write "Submission question" in the subject line.



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